Are you living in a hot or humid climate? Do you notice condensation on your windows and mirrors? Do you have asthma or allergies? Are you a victim of mildew, mould, or other issues? A home dehumidifier could be a good investment for your home if you answered yes to these questions. Let’s talk about dehumidifier benefits.

What does a dehumidifier do?

The dehumidifier removes excess moisture and humidity from the atmosphere. Although humidity levels can change due to weather changes, air circulation, energy use, and other factors such as temperature, experts agree that a relative humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent is a reasonable goal. 

A humidity level of 45 percent is best for comfort and good health. Reports state that humidity levels higher than 50 percent can cause mould, dust mites, and other health issues. Because they are not exposed to natural light or air outside, basements mustn’t have more than 50 percent humidity.

A hygrometer is a tool that measures the relative humidity in your home. It can be bought at hardware stores and home improvement shops. The average interior humidity will be higher in the summer months than it will be in winter. A home dehumidifier could be a smart investment if your hygrometer consistently reads over 50 percent.

How to choose a dehumidifier?

There are two types of dehumidifiers:

Dehumidifiers With Compressors: These dehumidifiers are the most popular and most affordable. The dehumidifiers work by passing damp air through a chilled coil. Condensation is used to trap moisture in a disposal tank. The heated air is then returned to the outside by a warming coil.

The compressor version has its limitations. They are loud and bulky, and they work best in warmer climates. Because they use condensation, the air must be relatively warm when entering the compressor.

Desiccant Humidifiers: They remove moisture through a desiccant wheel, which is then dried using an internal heater. The desiccant is quieter than compressor dehumidifiers and lasts longer. It doesn’t need refrigerant and you don’t even have to empty the disposal tank.

Desiccant models are more expensive and use more energy than compressor humidifiers. It may be the best option if you live in colder areas.

Five Benefits of a Dehumidifier

1. Allergies Relief

Humidity is a common environment for allergens and triggers. Poor air circulation or rooms that are prone to storing allergens such as mould and dust mites, can make a house more susceptible to spreading them. Dehumidifiers can reduce allergen growth and improve air quality. They also help to prevent certain types of bacteria or virus growth.

2. Reduces Pest-Related Issues

Humidity isn’t just an unwelcome thing. Moist environments are a magnet for pests such as spiders and roaches. You may be able to find the cause of the problem by paying attention to where pest activity is most evident.

3. Controls Moisture Levels

A home with high levels of moisture can lead to structural problems such as warping or deterioration. Mould can form from the condensation. Mould growth can be dangerous and costly.

Homes that are sealed well for energy efficiency can suffer from the most severe problems due to reduced air circulation. A dehumidifier may be needed to prevent mould growth if you notice peeling wallpaper or wallpaper, unusual colours, or a musty smell.

4. Comfortable

It is uncomfortable to feel sticky, especially when you are trying to sleep at night. Comfortable homes with proper humidity levels are more common. A dehumidifier can make indoor air more comfortable and improve the quality of indoor air.

5. Reduces Energy Costs

A dehumidifier can also help reduce energy costs, by making your air conditioner more efficient. A dehumidifier is a more efficient option than an air conditioner. It cools the air and removes moisture. A dehumidifier is a unit that removes moisture from the air.

 This means that your air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. It also saves energy and wears on your cooling equipment.

Humidifiers don’t cool the air. They just remove moisture from the air. 

However, you can purchase air conditioner/humidifier hybrids, usually portable units that can do the job of both. There are many options available if you’re looking for an A/C unit. These range from central air conditioning to window units, and air conditioners. We can assist you in comparing A/C units, and selecting the right option for your home. 

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