Wear a Kilt

Kilts, the traditional Scottish dress, have been around for hundreds of years. Kilts can be worn by both men and women, and there are many types that can be worn both for casual and formal events. Kilts have become a popular clothing item that is worn worldwide by many people. The variety of kilts available has increased as the market for them has also expanded. While kilts used to be available in the traditional style, which dates back centuries, today’s kilts can be found in a variety of fabrics and feature modern designs. These are some tips to help you dress properly in a formal kilt.

1. Kilt Type

Traditional kilts are best for formal events. Although the tartan pattern was originally a thick warm fabric, traditional kilts can now be made in many other materials such as denim and khaki cotton composites. Formal kilts don’t have side pockets. So, no matter what variety you choose, make sure that it doesn’t.

2. Shirt And Tie

A ghillie blouse shirt is a traditional shirt that’s worn with kilts to create a traditional look. The shirt can be worn alone, but if you want to add formal accessories like a bow tie or long tie, a formal collared shirt will work well. The kilt can be worn with both formal shirts and casual shirts.

3. Jacket and Vest

For the kilt, you can use a formal jacket or vest. Or, you can opt for a Scottish jacket or vest. The buttons on the Scottish jacket and vest differ slightly and use silverware. Any formal jacket or matching vest that matches the overall scheme of colour can be used. Jackets and vests that can be worn with a kilt or tailored for use with it are slightly different from regular suit jackets.

4. Fly Plaid and Brooch

They can be worn on the left side of the jacket and make a great addition to the formal kilt ensemble. The plaid connects to the jacket with the brooch. It follows the same design and colour scheme as the kilt so make sure you choose one that matches your kilt.

5. Sporran

This iconic part of the traditional Scottish costume is worn in front of the kilt, and tied around the waist with a silver chain. It is essential for formal wear, but it can be used as a pocket in a kilt. It is not used for pockets and is mostly worn to add style. There are many sporrans available, so you’re sure to find the one that matches your outfit.

6. Hose and Brogues

A pair of formal brogue shoes and a white hose will complete the classic kilt look. White hose worn with kilts is usually knee-length. They are often folded over twice at the knees. Brogues, a Scottish-made leather shoe with extra-long laces that wrap around your ankle and shin, are an unusual type. The shoe’s design and lacing are unique. For formal kilt wear, black brogues are the best choice.

7. Belt Buckle

A matching buckle is also a must for finishing off the outfit. Large, rectangular-shaped buckles are used with kilts. They are worn on wide leather belts. These buckles are available in silver, brass, and copper, as well as other metals. These buckles are made with traditional patterns and have a unique appearance that is different from modern ones.

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