Who does not love a good robe? When the going gets rough, bathrobes would be an ideal comforter; if work is very busy, bathrobes are there to soothe; when you just need to sit near the pool bar, bathrobes are on your side. Do not choose just any bathrobe to wear throughout the warm summer months.

Pay Attention to Weight

When many buyers consider heavy robes to be of greater quality than their lighter counterparts, this is a frequent misconception. The burden of a product may be a good indication of the workmanship and fabric quality, but the weight does not fully dictate a product’s value and quality. Don’t be fooled into thinking that lighter products are constantly made with less precision and care. 

Heavy bathrobes are perfect for winter getaways but don’t order heavyweight robes for warm climates. Whenever you opt to purchase robes to be worn out at a popular harbor, think breezy, cool, and light–this is the best mix for your climate.

Select a Fabric

Fabric plays an essential role in how hot or cool a piece of clothes will feel to the wearer. Terrycloth is a favorite cloth made from cotton; ordinarily, it’s thick, which boosts absorbency. Terry Cloth has a base layer of fabric, to which several loops are attached. The hoops of thread assist to accumulate water, making this cloth extremely good at drying off users.

Waffle weave fabrics, on the other hand, are a lot lighter. Because they are not created with absorbency as the most important factor, waffle weave cloth is woven to a single layer; this gets rid of the bulk and weight-related to some terry cloth products, and enables waffle weave products to be much milder.

Decide on Material

The material differs from cloth choice; the substances used to build a bathrobe are critical when it comes to picking the right item. If you reside in the Caribbean, in the center of Arizona, near the Equator, or in any other hot climate, elect for more breathable materials you can thank us later. Artificial substances are inclined to be moisture-wicking and draw sweat or other moisture away from the human body. Synthetics make it easy to create very light, airy fabric, such as polyester or modal.

On the other hand, although cotton can often feel a bit heavy in the heat, it is extremely absorbent, making it yet another fantastic pick for warmer climates.

Contemplate Absorbency

Why is absorbency so important? Think of this: warmer climates often offer you many different outdoor, water-themed activities. The warm robe for winter assembled from 100% combed cotton are far more absorbent than things manufactured from other substances. This makes cotton products the perfect pick to step into after a long shower when hopping out of this pool, or while getting from the sea.

Plus, cotton robes make your beach bag a lot lighter; they are a cover-up and towel at one time! A fantastic option for hotels and hotels which are low on towels, a robe is a terrific alternative to offer guests.

Cut and Style

A robe’s cut and fashion need to vary, based on which climate you’re in. Some assert that a lengthy, loose-fitting robe is a good choice for very hot climates, as it protects skin from harmful UV rays and keeps the hot air out, only envisioning the clothing sported by the natives of the Middle East. Though, others assert that a briefer robe allows the breeze to cool off one’s legs. As a purchasing supervisor, providing your guest’s choices is a positive method to ensure their happiness.

Basic Kimono Bathrobe

This kimono-style robe is a superb choice for a hot environment. It is briefer compared to several of our robes, allowing the wearers to experience the cooling sensation of a breeze across their legs. Produced from 100% combed cotton terry cloth, your guests will find this simple, high quality useful, and easy to utilize. 

Kimono Waffles Bathrobe

This robe is like the aforementioned robe, in ways. Several design choices are available to select from, based on your taste, the atmosphere of your institution, and what you feel your visitors would like. There is optional color piping available that can boost this item’s elegance.

Made from lightweight, waffle-patterned fabric this robe’s longer length protects a larger portion of your visitors’ skin from harmful, powerful UV rays. Crafted from silk cotton and moisture-wicking polyester blend shells, this product is lined with soft French terry, for ultimate relaxation. Best of all, the optional color piping makes this high-tech robe even more beautiful! 

This robe can help to protect upper legs from sunburn; it is also absorbent, airy, and moisture-wicking.

No one ever said choosing a robe was easy; that is why we are here to help! In case you have any questions, if you need information concerning wholesale pricing, or if you’re ready to purchase, contact the team now!

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