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Are you aware of that ghastly smell you experience when you start a cupboard of towels (or even clothing ) that you kept closed for way too long? That sour, mold smell that you do not know how to avoid? Many of us do. That pungent smell is a consequence of humidity, dampness, or warmth. Mold and mildew sometimes appear deep inside the construction of towels, whereas improper laundering or drying triggers your fabrics to acquire that stench in time (and inside little, crowded cupboards and drawers which get too little aeration).

Let us see now how to eliminate the sour odor from towels and bathrobes. Most of all, however, we will take a look at some ways of preventing the dreaded odor from returning!

The Way to Remove Sour Smell from Towels: 


Before you start coping with the musty odor of your towels or bathrobes, you have to wonder if you clean your sheets properly in the first place. While we are aware of the appeal of fabric softener and the promises it makes, you should know it is one of the prominent causes of fabric buildup and pungent scents.

In the event, you’re still using it to clean your towels, reconsider your whole washing process. The same goes for bathrobes also, particularly the thick warm compresses or terry bathrobes you love a lot in the chilly season.

We made things a bit clearer, let us find out how to prepare the smelly towels for a makeover:

  • Get them out from the cabinet or drawer and separate them by colors;
  • Independent the towels by smell; it’s an intimidating job, but you must take action. Some towels have only a bit of an unpleasant rancid odor (and you may tackle the problem simpler and faster). A number of the hand towels; nonetheless, being piled for a long time at a cabinet, might have acquired a foul odor that requires a special kind of treatment.
  • The somewhat smelling towels may go into the washing machine. The foul-smelling ones may need pre-wash therapy. This is how you can do it:
  • Select a large plastic dish and fill it with warm (boiling water) and one cup of baking soda.
  • Wring the towels after about an hour of this treatment and put them in the washing machine, cleaning them according to the following rules.

Washing Machine

The first thing you have to do after placing the towels from the washing machine is to set the temperature at the hottest amount your gear allows (or the items can handle).

  • Read the labels in your towels or bathrobes carefully so that you can learn what the maximum temperature it is possible to select is;
  • Ignore what the detergent industry has taught you for the upcoming hours; even if now we’ve detergents that can clean anything on cold wash cycles, remember that the sour odor of your towels represents bacteria breeding.

Place the washing machine onto the most extended heavy-duty cycle it comprises. This program exists just for problems like these. To recover their cleanness and receive free in the odors and germs embedded in their fabric your micro cotton towels need lots of warm water and all of the agitations they could get.

  • Use liquid detergent since it rinses off better than a powder
  • Pour a generous scoop of baking soda at the fabric softener dispenser (you should do this for the two dry towels along with also the pre-washed ones);
  • Let the machine finish its long thick cycle;
  • Pour 2 cups of white wine vinegar at the detergent dispenser and place the washing machine onto a shorter interval (but try and maintain the temperature as large as possible); allow the cycle to finish.
  • To finish, place the machine on the wash cycle and let it rinse all preceding detergent and baking soda hints, together with the vinegar odor.

Tips on how to remove the sour odor from big towels

One issue that may lead to towels smelling poor is that you overload the washing machine. Even if you wash them properly, detergent and overcrowding can lead to smelly buildups in time.

To eliminate the sour smell of debatable towels, ensure you wash a couple of oversize bath sheets at a time to permit thorough heavy-duty cleaning.

Likewise, if one of the beloved thick terry velour hooded winter bathrobes obtained a filthy odor to it, then wash it in the washing machine; it may look like a waste of energy and water to clean one thing at a time, but this manner, you will be sure the stench disappears entirely from the cloth.

By this time, your towels should smell clean, fresh, and look like new. But you should test them for odor residues and repeat the procedure in the event you have to deal with some stubborn stenches.


One of the conditions of smelly towels and bathrobes, improper drying is one of the most critical ones. Here are some general rules to monitor if you wash towels and robes:

  • Instantly eliminate towels, robes, linen, and clothes from the washing machine;
  • In the case of smelly towels, you just medicated, be sure that you hang them to dry in clean air and sun.
  • When you have no available clothesline on your lawn or flat balcony, get a portable one. Put it in an open space so your towels get as much fresh air as they can. However, even if it’s necessary to use a dryer, ensure you set it upon the hottest temperature it allows and allow it to operate until your towels and bathrobes are complete There is no place of discussion or compromise in this aspect, as if you store moist towels and bathrobes in your cabinets, you’ll have the same foul odor to handle again in the future.
  • When you put drawers on a clothesline, make sure to properly stretch them, and they have enough distance (with no creases or piling ); use one line for an oversized bathroom towel or beach towels.

A word of advice: as we said above, repeat the washing machine process before you even consider drying the towels. Heat can set in smells and stains and you’ll have to separately remove stains out of towels afterward.

Storing Tips

Storing is another essential step when you understand how to remove the sour smell from towels.

  • When the problem happened due to small, crowded spaces inside closets preventing air from circulating, make sure that you store the towels and bathrobes in bigger, more aerated places.
  • Moreover, be certain that you don’t stack vertically your everyday hand towels or washcloths but instead put them side by side like books on a shelf.
  • Even small bathroom spaces may accommodate your towels healthily and stunningly with a bit of creativity and bright towel storage thoughts!
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